Build yourself?

Have you been thinking about building your own website? Sure, do it. If you can build your own house, why not? There are ready blocks for that too. When I think about it, it was actually how I started. I built my own website. Would I use it today, with all the knowledge I possess now? No, absolutely not! The reasons are many but there are so many pitfalls. If you have just started a company, for example, you probably want to be seen. You want to join google and be a serious partner. So even if you can build with the help of simple building blocks such as. Wix it’s just the visual. Don’t be fooled by cheap package solutions.

Must it be so expensive? No, it doesn’t have to be. It is clear that if you choose an agency that has a very large number of employees with super-fine offices, then it is clear that such an agency must get their wages so that they can afford everything. They are certainly good, but then it is often overpriced. I frequently encounter discussions on the Internet where the price issue comes up. In the US, there are those who sell a simple web site for $ 10-30k, which is equivalent to SEK 100,000 – 300,000. Then we do not talk about those huge companies but one of a size class like Pehja Production. These discussions are often degenerate. But there are companies that pay the sums and those who sell at that overpriced price often refer to the increased market share that the company has received and in this way they can justify their prices.

We don’t work like that. Sure, we can help you increase your revenue by making you more visible on the internet so this is of course an incentive for what we can charge. But there must be a credibility between the seller and the buyer and usher is nothing we do.

We want to deliver websites that you as a customer are satisfied with. You should never be fooled by nice words and promises that cannot be fulfilled. WordPress that we work with, is a robust system that we know works and has a long future. If you come across a company that has its own content management system (CMS) solution, I would be carefull. A company that has its own solution often has a short lifespan. What if the company goes bankrupt? Then you have a CMS that will not be updated and it can never be good.